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Having been a member of the PlanetFear coaching team for several years, Ben has gained valuable experience as one of the UK’s first performance-climbing coaches. Combined with one-to-one sessions and group masterclasses through these coaching holidays, Ben has developed into one of the UK’s most experienced climbing coaches.

Whether your priorities lean towards bouldering, sport climbing or traditional climbing, or indeed a mixture of all three, Ben will tailor his sessions with you to suit your needs and aspirations.

There is no magic wand that can be waved in the world of climbing, but Ben’s considerable experience on all rock types and styles of climbing means that he will be able to help you improve and to overcome whatever obstacles stand in your way, whether they be perceived as physical limitations or issues of confidence.

Ben is based in Sheffield and has the luxury of having the Peak District on his doorstep; a climbing area which he knows very well, and an ideal venue for coaching. However, Ben is prepared to travel and coach anywhere if required.

If you would like to arrange a coaching session with Ben, either as an individual or a group, for a one-off experience or a series of progressive sessions, get in touch with him for a friendly, non-pressurised and non-committing discussion.

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