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Special Needs Education Testimonials

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Ben was truly inspirational, keeping 180 youngsters with special educational needs on the edge of their seats for a whole hour. With his understated, humorous style, accompanied by amazing photos and video clips of the journey - from his childhood influences to achieving his goal - he really brought the experience to life. He made it very real for our pupils and staff, and perfectly captured all the Olympic / Paralympic values we had asked him to focus on. We would definitely have Ben back again! 

Dan Keefe - Director of Specialism - Clare Mount Sports College - Wirral - January 2012



The presentation was really inspiring, motivational and empowering. We were left believing that, with team effort, determination and positive attitude, we can achieve any challenge!

Sajni Sharma - Newstead Children's Centre - February 2011



I found your presentation inspirational personally, and exactly what we needed for the launch of our programme of alternative education for KS4, Route 16. I felt your approach and passion for what you do left no one with any doubt that if you believe in yourself enough then you can achieve what appears to be the impossible. Many people I spoke to on Thursday night thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and all of the staff who'd been present on Thursday spoke positively about it throughout yesterday.

Susan Kulas - Headteacher - Bridge Short Stay School - Lichfield - July 2011



Ben’s visit was both uplifting and timely, giving the pupils plenty more to think about over the holidays. His message, that anyone can achieve their goals if they’re prepared to put in the effort, seemed to strike a chord with many of the pupils.

Chris Day - Headteacher - Avenues Centre - Luton - July 2010